Sound Panel

The sound panel allows you to associate key phrases with a sound. Phrase recognition is accomplished stringing togeather wild card variables and by static words. All wild card variables begin with "$". So a phases "$Sosandso dies." would look for any set of words until it finds "dies.". Below are a list of phrases it would find:
a kobold dies. = [a kobold] [dies.]
John dies. = [John] [dies.]
John gets up, runs around and dies. = [John gets up, runs around and] [dies].

Stringing 2 wild cards togeather will result in the first wild card with a single word, the second with one or more words. ie using the phrase "$A $B hits you.", you could get the following results:
A kobold hits you. = [A] [kobold] [hits you.]
A kobold swings and hits you = [A] [kobold swings and] [hits you.]
Bob hits you. = Will not generate a match

You can also import triggers created by other people into your trigger set. I've created a set of bard triggers. I'm others will create triggers and I'll host them for import.
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