Misc Panel

Misc info. Just some stats that seem intresting...
The newest set of info goes to the top of the list... not the bottom.
  1. Top Left
    Who died how many times. Usually it keeps track of which mob has been killed how many times, but, it's a good way to keep track of your buddies who died also.
  2. Top Right
    Counts who got the finishing blow. Finishing blow can come from player characters or mobs that kill player characters.
  3. Bottom Left
    The amount of faction adjustment you have taken for this session. It will not modify amount of faction taken if you are maxed/min.
    This only counts how many times you have taken the faction hit, Not how much of a faction hit you have taken.
  4. Bottom Right
    Keeps track of who has looted what and how many of those items have been looted.
  5. Bottom Bottom
    Keeps track of how much cash you have looted. When you loot your own corpse, it adds that into the total value.
    The reset button Resets everything to 0.

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