Introduction to EQRaider

Everquest is supposed to be fun. If you're like me and constantly go on raids, one of the most boring things is downtime. As a selfish act, I wanted to reduce that downtime. So, I tried to figure out where the slowness in raids is.

One of the first places is creating/modifying groups. If we could could speed up that step, hopefully, the rest of the raid will move along nicely. I hope this tool will help you set up your raids.

  1. How Does EQRaider Work?
    EQ Raider parses your log file in realtime. Then takes the information and displays it in a raid setting format.
  2. Does it violate the EULA?
    In my opinion, it does not violate the EULA. Parsing of the log files is allowed by Everquest. This app does not sniff packets or directly access memory to figure out things that are not meant to be known.
  3. Will it steal my password or try to hack me?
    No. But, it should only be downloaded from my site. This app is written in java and the source code is freely available. Feel free to look it over.
  4. Do I need a second computer to run it?
    Yes. This app was made to run on a second machine that is networked to your EQ machine. The second computer, though, can be a slow machine. I run this app on a 200 MHz computer.
  5. Can I run this app on my Mac or Linux machine?
    Yes. Just make sure to install the correct version of the Java Runtime Libraries.

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