true;You slow down.;sounds\ribit.wav true;You miss a note, bringing your song to a close!;sounds\bark.wav true;You are more alert.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel an aura of protection engulf you.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel replenished.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel protected from cold.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel protected from fire.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel protected from poison.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel protected from disease.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel small.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel your pulse quicken.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You feel an aura of vigorous protection surround you.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;$MOB reels in pain and loses concentration.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;Your attacks accelerate.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;Your voice booms.;sounds\horn.wav true;The harmony surrounds you.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;Your mind clears.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;$MOB eyes glaze over.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;Your target resisted the Solon's Bewitching Bravura spell.;sounds\resisted.wav true;$MOB stumbles toward you.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;Your target resisted the Song of Twilight spell.;sounds\resisted.wav true;Your Song of Twilight spell has worn off.;sounds\horn.wav true;$MOB is bound by strands of music.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;Your target resisted the Largo's Absonant Binding spell.;sounds\resisted.wav true;$MOB has been deafened.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;You haven't recovered yet...;sounds\bark.wav true;Your target resisted the Angstlich's Assonance spell.;sounds\resisted.wav true;Your Angstlich's Assonance spell has worn off.;sounds\ribit.wav true;$MOB is bound by cords of music.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV true;$MOB convulses.;sounds\CHIMES.WAV